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“Muskoka a Knit Mosaic” Muskoka a Knit Mosaic
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Entry for "WE They - They We" Is it art or is it craft?

Location: Gallery Lambton 2012 

 As an artist more known for painting but who has always spent a lot of time “playing with fibres” (knit, crochet, weave, spin) I would like to enter one project for this art/craft discussion.

Title: “Muskoka a Knit Mosaic”

Size: 54” x 60app (work in process)”

Description:   Wall Hanging or Afghan? An abstracted impression of the landscape I customarily paint. Motif pattern (purchased) courtesy of Muskoka Yarn Connection. The piece is knit in different wool remnants in patterns that reflect the rocks, water and views of the Muskoka Lakes. The colours are those of my inherent palette, they surface repeatedly in cycles. A deliberate decision not to include any other “tinselled or textured” yarns was made, relying on the earthy standards to interpret the true feeling of the area.

Space required:  60”wx 72”h plus separating space

Installation: Piece will be mounted: dowel or rod as a quilt (artist), supporting hooks or pins (Gallery)

This piece was just started when I received information about the exhibit and won’t be complete for another month or two. It is a first and whether successful or not it was a new adventure in design for this artist.

Pam Turner-Wong